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Content that I originally wrote exclusively for my own personal $97/month subscribers and never intended to release the Private Label Rights to.

It's that good.

Be prepared: People may think you spent weeks and months writing it yourself.

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Obviously, This Is A Ton Of Great Online Marketing Content & It's 100% Ready To Make You Money!

Here’s a small sample of some of the amazing content you will get instant access and full PLR to. Remember that this is just a tiny fraction of everything you will get.

How To Get A Quick Influx Of Cash Anytime You Need It
9 Words That Increase Conversions By 75%
How To Make $100,000 Per Year In Internet Marketing [Easier than you might think]
How To Make A Million Dollars In Less Than A Month, $5 At A Time [Seriously This Is How One Marketer Did It]
The Incredible Magical Conversion Tool [Use This To Close More Sales On Your Website]
The Eugene Schwartz / John Carlton Headline Swipe Files [These Headlines Have Made Millions]

Every single issue is packed with Featured Articles, Ideas, Resources,  News, Big Features and Interviews, along with an introduction and epilogue.

Use the content and its information for your own money-making benefits...


Reuse The Content Almost Anyway You Like -
After All, You've Got Full PLR Rights To It!

  How cool is that?

Use it to create:

Your own PDF newsletters
Your own (offline) print newsletter or magazine
Your money-making autoresponder series
Attention getting blog posts
Hot selling products
Your own audio recordings, podcasts or 'radio show'
Your own eBooks
Your own list building reports
Re-brandable reports for your affiliates
Recurring payment memberships
And so much more.

The one thing we ask you to never ever do is make the 'source files' of the Newsletter available to anyone else or license the PLR on to anyone else. This is because we want to maintain the integrity and value of the material for all concerned.

PLUS: Upgrade Today & You Will Also Receive A Super Bonus For EACH Of The 150+ Back Issues...

A Ready To Deliver ILLUSTRATED Internet Marketing Newsletter / Magazine

Each month our highly skilled in-house design team will lay out the PLR content into a  professionally designed PDF format.

This means you will receive a professional looking magazine/newsletter you can instantly deliver to your subscribers/customers, using our 'generic white label' brand name ...

...Or simply edit the default content using MS Word to fully rebrand everything, such as changing the title or adding your own domain name as the publisher.

Here is an inside look at all the beautifully designed pages in one of our recent issues:

Easy As 1,2,3

I've made it 'super easy' for you to become an Internet Marketing Newsletter publisher because all you have to do with this professionally designed template is:

  1. 1. Select a unique title of your magazine together with how you want your name and              email address to appear on the front cover.
  2. 2. Choose which content you want to use and save as a PDF.
  3. 3. Send it to your readers.

It can't get any easier than that!

“That’s Fantastic Nick! But What’s The Deal On All This Amazing PLR Content?”

Well, as I said… considering the quality of these newsletters, it’s no wonder that my existing members are happily paying $97 per issue!

Even at the huge discount you got when you joined today, you would still have to pay $6,110 to get your hands on all 150+ issues.

Don’t worry though. Not only am I going to save you a lot of time today...

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All 150+ Back Issue editions of the Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR in their entirety
Remember, each issue contains over 32 pages of pure Internet and Niche Marketing content of exceptional quality that you can be proud of (that's over 4,800 pages of content!)
And each issue is divided into sections, so you can easily find and use any of the Introductions, News, Ideas, Resources and Epilogues in any way you desire.
You get Private Label Rights Use to your newly written content to create new eBooks, eCourses, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Videos Etc.
You'll also receive a Professionally Designed Template in Word Doc (.docx) format... just open it, add your newsletter title and your own name and run your own PRINTED and/or online magazine.

150+ Back Issues Of The Newsletter Included

And remember, you also get a 'ready to be distributed' PDF ILLUSTRATED newsletter full of the monthly content, so you can deliver it AS IS to your subscribers.


...Each back issue is packed with useful 'evergreen content' including an Introduction, Big Section, an Epilogue and internet marketing Techniques and Methods all in one place. (Again this is NOT rehashed info – this is uniquely written, relevant and will keep your readers' attention!)

Finally, You Can FOCUS On More Important Aspects Of Building Your Business Instead Of Struggling To Create Outstanding Content!

“That's How A Newsletter Should Be Done!... 

…At least that's how I always thought it should be done.

It's probably the first one I've ever read from beginning to end (besides my own of course). rest of those who *play* on the Internet Marketing arena...”

Willie Crawford

High Quality, Profit Pulling Content

Does NOT Have To Cost An Arm & A Leg!

Sure… Quality content like this usually doesn’t come cheaply.

Add the fact that you can immediately start using these newsletters - with no extra work or effort involved.

Well, even if I were to charge $4,355 that would still only be $33.50 per issue. 50% off the normal price and candidate for bargain of the year.

Fortunately... I’m not going to charge you anything close to that.

You can upgrade your membership and get access to the entire catalogue of back issues today for just $97… that’s LESS than $0.65 per issue!

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I cannot discount this AMAZING OFFER any further, however I can help you to spread the payments over 2 months if that helps.

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Your Upgrade Today Is Fully Covered By Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

That’s Awesome But What Is The Catch?

The only catch is that you have to make a decision right now.

This special offer is for new members only. You will never see this page again and upgrading later will cost you at least $297… if that is, I ever choose to make it available again, which I probably won’t.

The decision is yours.

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Nick James

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For Less Than $1 Per Issue!

You'll Get Instant Access To ALL 150+ Back Issues Complete With Full PLR Rights & Instant “Ready To Go” Newsletter Design

Upgrade Today For A Single Investment Of Just


Or Unlock Everything For Just Two Small Payments Of

2 x $57

Remember, This PLR Is So Good You Can Monetize It Faster Than Usain Bolt Could Run The 100 Meters!

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